Hilltop view hotel being in the heart of Mbale town gives u a great proximity to all the different tourist attractions that include Wanale hill were everyone can access even on foot, Mt Elgon national park, Nyero Rock Paintings that carries great history in the land of Teso, Tororo Rock at the heart of Tororo town, Wanale Hill, Sipi falls, Kapkwai falls and Forest in kapchorwa, Pian-upe Game Reserve, Kidepo Valley National Park and Sisiyi falls located in sironko district. We offer packages based on group and personal arrangements.
  1. Wanale Hill
  2. Wanale Hill is an impressive mountain replete with precipices, escarpments, deep valleys, water streaked cliffs, caves and rocks. It is the most visible mountain range of Mount Elgon
  3. Sisiyi falls
  4. Sisiyi Falls is located in Buyaga sub-region, Bulambuli district, Eastern Uganda. This magnificent falls is located a distance as you take the highway from Mbale to the districts of Sironko, Bulambuli, Kapchorwa and Moroto. The area around Sysiyi falls is good for camping, family Picnics, Team Building activities, relaxing etc.
  5. Nyero Rock Paintings
  6. 65km north of Mbale, the Nyero Rock Paintings are the finest of several rock art sites in the region. Three panels are found within the extensive granite outcrop of Moru Ikara, 10km from Kumi Town and 55km from Mbale on the Soroti road. The most impressive is Panel Two which includes two canoes bearing human figures
  7. Kapkwai Forest Exploration Center
  8. The Forest Exploration Centre at Kapkwai, 13km from Sipi town, doubles as an educational center for schools and the trailhead for climbers using the Sipi trail to the caldera. Three circuits of between 3-7km run through the surrounding regenerating forest, where visitors can visit caves, waterfalls, escarpments and viewpoints; and observe birds and primates.
  9. Imbalu Circumcision Ceremony
  10. The imbalu (male circumcision) is a legendary ceremony among the Bagisu ethnic group marks the initiation of boys into manhood. The ritual brings a festive atmosphere in the Elgon region: Music blares, the dance is engrossing, and food is in plenty. The opening ceremony is usually around the Month of August of every even year
  11. Pian-upe & Matheniko Bokora Game Reserve
  12. In the plains of Karamojong to the north of Mount Elgon lie Matheniko Bokora Wildlife Reserve and the expansive Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve, the second largest protected area in Uganda, with an area of 2,788km2. Wildlife found here includes rare species such as the roan antelope, lesser kudu, Bright’s gazelle and ostriches which, in Uganda, are found only here and in Kidepo Valley National Park. Wildlife is concentrated around the Loporokocho swamp.
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